Does Aqua+ Series work for Oily Skin

Determining your skin type is essential to finding the right products for your skin. It’s not just greasy texture on your face telling you that you have oily skin. In fact, the symptoms of oily skin are what you’d really expect them to be.

The real sign that you have oily skin is if your face appears shiny at specific areas, like around the forehead and nose area. Another symptom is larger pores in these areas (let’s call them T-zone), which also lead to skin problems like blackhead and blemish.

All of these characters come from many factors from hormonal changes to environmental factors like weather and food consumption.

The answer is simple. Acne will say hi to you when your pores become blocked with excessive oil. And yes! Oily skin surely has the overproduction of oil contributing to larger pores that allow bacteria, dirt from pollution and dead skin cells to get clogged easily. That will lead to Comedone and when P.acne bacteria can make it inflamed.

We can’t control our hormones and environmental factors like weather and pollution but there’s still a way to prevent clogged pore. The secret lies in cleansing routine. Just make sure yours get purified everyday and that will let acne say hi to your skin less. Purified pore simply means clean and healthy pore. This happens when you choose the right cleanser for oily skin.

First Step:

Aqua Plus Series - Purifying Cleansing Water

Second Step:

Aqua Plus Series - Soothing-Purifying Toner - 50ml

Third Step:

Aqua Plus Series - Smoothing-Bright Soft Scrub